Our History

Hi, I’m Owen, and along with my wife Toni, we own and run Windsor Fish.

I’ve had an interest in fish from early childhood. I was raised by my Grandma, Grandad and Uncle. My Uncle Alwyn was a very keen gardener and aquarist and this is were I got my interest in fish from. He had numerous ponds over the years which I would help (or hinder) to build. He would explain about the fish and how to keep them healthy.

My uncle and I showed tropical fish, though I could never hold a candle to his success knowing how at that time he was always two steps ahead of me it seemed. Family and work commitments forced me to stop fish-keeping for a few years.

When Toni and I moved to Windsor Road (hence the name Windsor Fish) the house got sorted, the garden got sorted and I got the itch to keep fish again. Koi carp were beautiful and grew big so I had to have some therefore a pond was built and like with many people, 12 months later it had to be made with bigger with bigger filters to keep the water quality perfect.

Then, just like the tropicals, I got interested in breeding them selecting the ones I would keep and giving away the rest. In the second year, breeding people from as far away 20 miles were knocking on the door asking if I had any Koi carp to give away.

This is where Windsor Fish began. We applied for a pet shop licence to sell fish from our home on Windsor Road on an evening and weekend basis only and it was passed. Soon we started to import fish and in a short period of time we had as large a selection of fish as anybody in the area.

Before long being a self employed plumber and selling fish evenings and weekends was getting too much, so it had to be one or the other. A friend, Ian, who already had a very successful water garden center not to far away encouraged me to do it full time so the word got out we were looking for premises to set up full time.

We were approached by two garden centers and a large shop to set up in their premises, but we wanted our own place and after a lot of searching we eventually came across Applegarth nursery. A bit of a risk as there was no water or electricity, just a big greenhouse and a couple of polytunnels, but it seemed the ideal spot. We purchased the land and set up in the greenhouse opening in April 2000. In the second year I built the shop as you see it now and have slowly built up the Windsor Fish to what we have now.