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an uncommonly wide range of models designed for aquariums of various capacities: from very small ones to those with a capacity of 700 liters

  • effective water aeration
  • quiet and energy-efficient operation
  • circulator


Products from the AQUAEL CIRCULATOR range are designed for the pumping and aeration of water in freshwater and marine aquariums. They cause water to move, so that it is properly oxygenated and its parameters are the same throughout the tank. Special design allows for smooth and handy adjustment of performance thanks to the control located at the water outlet. The direction of water outflow can be adjusted by up to 120°.

Despite the relatively small size of the entire device, the sealed rotor chamber ensures quiet operation and high performance at a relatively low level of power consumption. It also affects the height of water head (up to 1.9 m for the CIRCULATOR 2000 model). All the AQUAEL CIRCULATOR models are fitted with special shock-absorbing suction cups to dampen vibrations that may be carried to the glass and to muffle the operation of the device.

The larger models, CIRCULATOR 1000, 1500, and 2000, are equipped with a ceramic rotor axis for even quieter operation and enhanced durability.

AQUAEL CIRCULATOR can also be used as the drive of various types of biological and undergravel filters. In addition, we offer a wide range of accessories, including sponges, containers for loose filter media, and undergravel filters.

Product Dimensions (unboxed) [cm] Package dimensions [mm] Aquarium capacity [l] Energy [W] Max. filter efficiency Color
PUMP  500 (N) 44x76x82 95x110x125 MAX 150 4,4 500 black
PUMP  1000 (N) 55x98x113 95x130x145 150 – 250 11 1000 black
PUMP  1500 (N) 53x121x112 130x130x160 250 – 350 22 1500 black
 PUMP  2000 (N) 53x121x112 130x130x160 MIN 350 27 2000 black

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1000, 1500, 500