Midikani 800 External Filter


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  • large filtering capacity
  • freedom of mounting location (also above the aquarium)
  • simple structure

MIDIKANI 800 is a canister filter designed for water filtration in aquariums with the capacity of up to 250 liters. It combines the advantages of conventional canister filters, such as high throughput, large capacity of filter containers, versatility, and compatibility with a variety of filter cartridges, with the advantages of internal filters: simple design and ease of installation.


MIDIKANI 800 includes a pump, a set of connection pipes and hoses, and an airtight container with valves and baskets for filter cartridges. The pump is not big in size and is mounted on the outside of the filter. It can pump up to 800 liters of water per hour directly into the filter chamber, which is equivalent to the actual filtering performance of up to 650 l/h.

MIDIKANI 800 includes a filter container with four baskets, whose total volume equals 6.8 l. The baskets are filled with sponge, nonwoven interlining material, zeolite, and ceramics. The simple design of the MIDIKANI 800 filter guarantees high performance and resistance to becoming clogged with mud and other impurities. The main gaskets between the containers and the lid are made of special silicone for maximal tightness of the device. MIDIKANI filters boast low power consumption and very high filtration efficiency, relative to the recommended capacity.

Mode of operation
Thanks to its external feeding pump, the MIDIKANI 800 filter can be installed under the water tank as well as beside it and even above the water level. For the same reason, it can be installed in very shallow water, e.g. in relatively large aquaterrariums and paludariums where semi-terrestrial turtles are kept.

The water-feeding pump of the MINIKANI filter can be mounted in three different ways, depending on the intended use:

  • the pump can be mounted on an aquarium wall inside the tank and used to feed water into the filter. This solution is recommended for standard fish tanks.
  • the pump can be mounted on the outside, below the water level, to serve as a flow-through pump. This solution is recommended for standard fish tanks. If this option is chosen, before activating the filter, feed water into the pump through the inlet suction hose.
  • the pump can be mounted on the bottom of the tank and used to feed water into the filter. This solution is recommended for shallow aquariums.

The throughput capacity of the MIDIKANI 800 filter can be adjusted by turning the control unit by up to 90 degrees. When the control valve is turned clockwise by 90 degrees, the water flow is cut off and the unit can be safely removed from the filter housing without disconnecting the pump from the mains, e.g. in order to clean the inside of the filter (the so called by-pass function).

It is recommended that the first cleaning of the filter should be performed 2 months after its first activation. Subsequently, MIDIKANI 800 should be cleaned if there is a noticeable decline in performance. For optimum operation of the MIDIKANI 800 filter, replace all filter cartridges with new ones at least once every 12 months. If necessary, algae or scale deposited on the housing of the pump can be removed with soft cloth or sponge. Filter cartridges inside the filter should be rinsed in water drained from the aquarium.

Filter media
Besides sponge and nonwoven interlining material for mechanical filtration, the standard set of filter media for the MIDIKANI filter includes:
ZeoMAX Plus, designed for the chemical filtration of aquarium water. It is in the form of special grit made of carefully selected zeolite to ensure an exceptionally high sorption capacity;
BioCeraMAX Pro 600, designed for the biological filtration of water in freshwater and marine aquariums. It is formed by rollers made of a porous ceramic material. BioCeraMAX Pro 600 ensures a very high filtering capacity – up to 600m2.