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  • microprocessor precision thermostat
  • temperature range of 17-36º C
  • safe and unbreakable
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NEOHEATER combines the functionalities of an aquarium heater and an electronic thermometer. Thanks to its flat shape and a universal double hanger, the heater can be mounted on the aquarium wall of your choice. The heater can operate in any position, including horizontal.

On the front panel of NEOHEATER, there are several LEDs grouped in a circle for the constant monitoring of the operation and various functions of the device.
The one-touch programming of the device is done by means of a single button on the top of the heater. One of the LEDs shows the pre-set desired temperature, while another one shows the current temperature. If the current temperature is lower than desired, the LED blinks slowly, signalling the operation of the heater. If, however, the current temperature of the water in the tank is higher than desired (e.g. in hot weather), the LED indicator will blink very quickly, alerting you that the water may become overheated. In this way, NEOHEATER serves as an electronic thermometer with a warning system.

The operating range of the heater is between 17 and 36° C, which makes it suitable for aquariums whose inhabitants (e.g. discuses) require special temperature conditions.
NEOHEATER aquarium heaters are completely safe. They are equipped with a precision thermal switch designed to protect the device against overheating, should the heater be accidentally switched on when out of water.