Tropical Fish

Our tropical fish room comprises of 50 tanks of various sizes, some with 4-5 different types of fish. As with the coldwater fish, our tropicals are acquired only from suppliers we know we can trust. Our tropical fish come from suppliers in Singapore, Srilanka, Isreal, Thialand and Colombia.

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If you are looking to purchase tropical fish in Retford, DInnington and the surrounding towns and villages, look no further than the specialists at Windsor Fish.

Nowadays most fish are tank bred, although some of the unusual fish are still caught in the wild. When fish arrive at our premises they have had quite a stressful time being caught, bagged and then transported, and although professionally done, this still causes stress. We therefore open boxes in subdued light and float the bags in the tanks they are to be released into. When they are released, they undergo a course of preventative parasite treatments and they do not go on sale until we are satisfied the fish are healthy and settled.